How to Sell My House Quickly – How I Did It!

This is a story of how I sold my house – I hope it can be of value to you. A couple of months ago I desperately needed money and quickly for that matter. Why? That is a story for another day. One thing was for sure; the only way out for me was by selling my house. I needed information on how to sell a house quickly and do it right.

On contacting estate agencies, they were of little help. Instead of providing me with valuable tips on how to sell my house fast for cash, they went on to lecture me for ‘hours’ while dropping in the usual sales pitch. They told me so many things – some of which I can’t even remember.

Their advice would have been better directed at someone who didn’t want to sell their house fast. But for me, the advice was misplaced. I decided to sell the house by placing ads on classified websites and local notice boards. Again I realized that there were no customers willing to buy my house at a moment’s notice. While at crossroads, the idea of fast cash property dealers struck me. These wouldn’t just tell me how to sell a house quickly, but in fact buy my house!

Property dealers that offer money for houses are the best bet for anybody in need of some quick cash and want to sell their house. They have the required expertise in the property market and will give you all the information you need to sell your property in London.

I zeroed in on Leonard Property who provided me with the necessary tips on the various things I needed to do to get a good deal on my house and how to find a genuine dealer. I eventually decided to sell my house to them after shopping around and realizing that they had the best proposal. Selling a house was a great learning process for me because apart from selling the house, I also learn how to sell my house fast in London at the best price available at the market!

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Thanks to Leonard Property my home wasn’t repossessed and I was able to buy an even nicer home and be debt free! - Sue, London