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Selling your house fast for cash has never been easier. Working with property buying companies makes your transactions much easier, more convenient and less frustrating. Leonard Property has the solutions to your situation, no matter how challenging it may be. We will work closely with you for the entire duration of the transaction to see it through to completion.

House Buying Company UK

Competing methods for buying property and competing property buying companies do not come close to offering even half of the value you get by selling your house with Leonard Property. We pride ourselves in our high standard of integrity as a company.

Property Buying Companies

A brief comparison of other methods to sell your house reveals the following:

  • Estate agent: It takes an average of 6 months to complete your transaction. You will pay higher total fees that can go beyond £5000. Additional fees will include those paid to the solicitor, bank, local council and increasingly, marketing fees for the estate agent. In addition, there are standard estate agent costs. Estate agents also tend to reduce the marketing price over the 6 month period. This reduction can be up to 25%, bringing you below the cash offer price you would get from a house buying company, without the anxiety, loss of time or endless viewings.

  • Auction: It takes an average of 2 months to complete your transaction. You will pay for the sale costs if your property is auctioned. Additional fees will include those paid to the solicitor and the relevant auction official. Costs can go beyond £3000, but you have the option to have the buyer cover all costs. Auctions, though increasingly popular, will not guarantee the sale of your property and you must be prepared for this. Working with a property buying company is your best option to set a realistic sale price, which is what closes most property transactions.

Leonard Property is among the best property or house buying companies in London and the UK. We are sham-free and do not engage in unscrupulous practices that give the industry a bad name. Where some competing companies set out to defraud you, we set out to genuinely help you sell your house fast, for cash, within as little as 7 days.

When you need to sell a property, the common worry among most people is how to identify the best means and people to involve. You need to be assured that the means of selling your property guarantees your safety from fraudsters and scams.Even with the option of engaging estate agents and auctioning your property, property buying companies are still a better option.

There are many London Property buying companies but only a few can give you a hassle- free experience. You need a company that upholds integrity and professionalism in all their dealings. Their employees need to understand the value of transparency in business. Some companies engage in shady dealings that leave property sellers feeling short changed.

Leonard Property has perfected their property buying services over time, beating numerous competitors at it. So, what makes Leonard Property stand out among property buying companies?

We are the face of professionalism and integrity as far as property buying is concerned. Our staff has unbeatable experience, which guarantees you of the best service delivery. At Leonard Property, we know you value time and so do we. Once we have the details of your property, we shall get back to you in 28 days, ready with cash. Sometimes it can even be done in as little as 7days!
Our transactions are carried out with utmost transparency with the sole aim of getting the best value for your property. This way, our clients can stay relaxed throughout the process since they are in safe and able hands.

With us, you are not expected to pay any legal fees, survey fees or agent fees. We shall do all this for you with a promise that no extra charges will pop up later. Ours is a calling to ensure our clients get the best value for their property.


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Thanks to Leonard Property my home wasn’t repossessed and I was able to buy an even nicer home and be debt free! - Sue, London