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Many Londoners in need of some quick cash and who want to sell their property find it hard to do so, thanks to the global financial crisis. Banks are unwilling to give mortgages to buyers and thus the property business has been at stake. However, there is still hope as there are various fast cash property buyers in London that are ready to buy properties at any time and at the right price.

Leonard Property is a fast property buyer in London that enables property sellers to sell their property quickly. At no hidden costs, we ensure that our customers get value for their property. The condition of your property should not worry you because we take the property in whichever condition it is. We will even foot your legal fee if there is any because we understand that you not only need cash but need it fast!

Some fast cash property buyers in London will shy away from buying property that is in a bad shape. Therefore, as a home owner, go for a property dealer that is willing to take up your property in whichever condition it is. Opt for authentic property dealers that will not back out of the deal any time; property dealers that are true to their word.

At Leonard Property, our customers come first. We strive to provide high standards of services to our clients because we understand that they are the boss. A fast property buyer in London, Leonard Property is dedicated to giving practical, timely and reliable solutions to clients’ problems.

As a matter of fact, we deal in all kinds of property both movable like house appliances and immovable property like a home, house and business premise. We are in the business of ensuring that the housing market crash does not affect the home owner who wants to sell property quickly in London.

Make us your choice and give us a call.

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Thanks to Leonard Property my home wasn’t repossessed and I was able to buy an even nicer home and be debt free! - Sue, London